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Epiphany Ohenewa is a visionary fashion brand founder known for her bold designs, commitment to sustainability, and inclusive approach to style. Her brand celebrates individuality, diversity, and empowerment while advocating for social justice and environmental causes in the fashion industry. 

In a world where trends come and go, Epiphany Ohenewa stands out as a beacon of creativity, integrity, and innovation in the fashion industry. Her brand represents not just a collection of clothes, but a movement towards a more conscious and compassionate approach to style. With each design, Epiphany continues to spark joy, inspire confidence, and redefine what it means to be truly fashionable in the modern world.

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Company History Timeline
Founded in 2022
Introduction of Ohenewa Fashion: A brand that epitomizes style innovation and elegance since its establishment in 2022.
Empowerment through Unique Fashion
Ohenewa Fashion focuses on empowering individuals through unique expressions in fashion.
Building a Loyal Customer Base
Noteworthy achievements of Ohenewa Fashion include building a loyal customer base and forming key partnerships.
Future Plans:
Ohenewa Fashion plans to expand globally, promote sustainability, and nurture creativity through collaborations.
Call to Action
Join Ohenewa Fashion as they redefine style and elegance for the contemporary era.

Executive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

Epiphany Ohenewa
Isaac T Duncan
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Development Manager
Grace Mafowaa
Customer Service Manager

Board members

We’re lucky to be supported by some investors in the Ghana

Eunuce Endora
Head Of Apolaw Inc
Founder and CEO, DuncPlus LLC
Eric Blanton
Former Agile Coach at Dreams LLC
Kenzie Kraft
Former Designer at Bitkey Ocean LLC

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